The Ligneo Concept


High quality parquet ready for use

Ligneo has a unique finishing concept for parquet floors. At Ligneo, the finishing of the parquet is done in our workshop using a unique formula, which is a new breakthrough in the industry.

Our clients include parquet wholesalers, interior designers and mostly parquet installers. Everyone can work faster, better and with higher quality, and therefore more successfully, because of our finishing. How exactly does the concept work?

Finished parquet planks

We work with carefully selected partners and suppliers. The supplied wood undergoes strict quality control, one of the steps towards a perfectly processed product. This rigorously inspected wood is processed and finished in our workshop. This finishing at Ligneo is done partly by machine and largely by hand. The machine sanded wood is completely and cautiously processed to the perfect finished product that Ligneo stands for.

There are many benefits to this way of working.

  • The parquet floors are ready to be installed and ready for use.  Ideal for anyone who wants an excellent result quickly.
  • A completely finished product.
  • You will not have to deal with the on-site sanding, staining and finishing. No more dusty floor sanding in your residence. No more odours. Also ideal for apartments.
  • What a time-saving for the parquet installer and the resident! Ideal for shops that have to open quickly.

Living floors. Natural is in.

Ligneo uses a unique process. Our finish is impregnated into the wood but does not seal it. This is very important as it allows the wood to totally preserve its natural structure. The pores of the valuable wood remain open so the parquet can breathe. The natural wood structure remains visible and can be felt when touched. Ligneo treated parquet is extremely resistant against stains and dirt. It's the ultimate choice for parquet floors that stay alive and healthy through the years.

High heels?

Have you ever felt the despair of a parquet owner when a sharp object falls or if someone steps a little too hard with sharp high heels? Well we have, which is why we are so confident of our ingenious finishing concept! The Ligneo parquet finish in the wood ensures that possible indents or scratches are barely visible, because of the matte appearance. Just one of the many benefits.

Parquet repairs?

Repairing parquet is no problem. Reparations on site at a later stage are perfectly possible. With fire damages for instance, or with water damages.

Wood that breathes.

Because the wood has no superficial finishing layer and is able to breathe, it remains strong. It is also much less susceptible to wear and tear. For example, no 'walkways' will form in your floor. Or, at the seaside where materials often have to withstand with the presence of sand, the parquet floor of your home or apartment will not suffer under such wear and tear. Wood that breathes remains alive. From here nature takes over from us. Your parquet becomes more authentic and unique through the years.

Parquet installed without dust. People can also breathe freely!

To compare: with the classic method, the parquet is installed in the residence, sanded, stained and processed. Or the wood is polished or hand finished on site. Do you see the major difference in methods, and the accompanying dust and mess? Or are you suffering from temporary hearing loss from the noise of the sanding?

Ligneo parquet. Installed without dust. Without odour. Without sanding noise.

The Ligneo finish. The best on the market.

The Ligneo concept means that the parquet wood is fully processed prior to installation. No more dusty finishing in your home. No superficial cover layer that is harmful to the pores of the wood. At Ligneo, the floors are perfectly treated according to a unique process in the workshop. Deep into the wood. This makes possible later indentations or scratches in your floor less visible. The workshop finishing colours the wood deeper than just the surface. A floor that lives. A floor that breathes. And like many good things in life, it becomes more beautiful over the years.