Maintenance instructions


Ligneo parquet, low maintenance.

In keeping with the Ligneo concept, your floor was processed according to a unique procedure in the workshop from the very beginning. This means that your floor is and remains low maintenance. Ligneo finishes the floors in the workshop, deep into the wood.
We still provide the following tips to ensure the long life of your parquet floor.

10 Tips for well maintained Ligneo parquet floors

  1. Treat with parquet soap. Normal maintenance involves cleaning with products that are taken into the wood, thereby feeding the wood. Look at the Ligneo [link] concept and you will see the importance of a treatment that leaves the pores open. The wood is alive. The wood must be able to breathe. If the parquet floor is maintained in this way it grows stronger through the years through saturation and the patina becomes even more beautiful. Minor damages in the wood are easy to fix.
  2. Take note of the humidity level and temperature in the rooms. The ideal humidity level for parquet floor as well as for your own health lies between 45% and 65%, at a temperature of 20° C. As the temperatures increase, the humidity level must also increase. Take into account a humidity level of 3% higher per grade Celsius.
  3. Once your Ligneo floor is installed you may again use the floor heating. It is best to increase the heating by 2°C every day. In other words gradually.
  4. Prevention is better than a cure. Use felt protectors under tables, chairs and couches. Do not use rubber protectors as these make marks.
  5. Good quality door mats are recommended. They prevent more than half of the dirt. As with any other floor vacuum your parquet floor regularly. In this way you can mostly prevent the dirt particles from scratching the surface of your parquet floor.
  6. How do you wash your parquet floor? First vacuum and then wash! Just as with any other floor, then wash your parquet floor with water and the prescribed parquet soap.
  7. Remove spilled liquids with a moist cloth. It is best not to place plants directly on the floor but rather to place these in a watertight pot or dish.
  8. Do not use any chemical or corrosive products. Only customized maintenance and cleaning products are advised.
  9. If your floor starts to look grey, dull or greasy, this is a very dirty floor. This can occur after many years. An intensive cleaning is all that is needed. This deep cleaning is done using a concentrated deep cleansing product that removes all the old dirt. Your parquet floor deserves this treatment after intensive use.
  10. Stains and damages.
    • removing light stains: remove liqueur, chocolate, cold coffee, cold tea, lipstick, fruit juice, wine with a lightly moist cloth.
    • removing tougher stains: permanent markers, warm coffee or tea, urine or grease not only lie on the top layer of the parquet, but penetrate deeper into the wood. This is why they must be removed VERY QUICKLY with a moist cloth and some soapy water to prevent further penetration into the wood. If this is not successful, a special stain remover is recommended.
    • damage: minor damage to the surface of your parquet floor can usually be retouched with special repair products. Due to the unique method used by Ligneo, whereby the wood is treated in the workshop, there is no visible colour difference. In other words, a puncture from a sharp object or a sharp heel does not really present a problem.

Call or email us immediately for advice on stains or damages. We look forward to giving you the necessary advice.