Parquet selection


A tasteful floor, by people who know. At your home.

Experts agree. It is not easy to choose the right hardwood floor. It is a choice that expresses your personality. Which is important.

Shelter is a basic need. We want to feel good at home. Architecture can help. The subtle play of lines, colours and light gives our home a personal character. To the architect or builder, the floor is increasingly important! Nothing can make the play of lines in your home more beautiful, warmer and more natural than an exclusive hardwood floor.

Don’t make your choice overnight. Let an accredited expert in the field assist you! We at Ligneo have extensive experience. And we have an excellent overview of the wide range of wooden floors. Put our experience to use. We will be pleased to help you!

Ligneo wooden flooring. An investment in beauty.

Every type of hardwood floor has its own style and typical character which is an essential part of any interior design. Our experience and friendly advice complements your excellent personal taste. The result is a subtle selection of the right parquet. The perfect parquet for a magnificent interior!

Contact us with all your questions about wooden flooring for your home or project! We support you with advice and assistance.

A financial investment.

Professionally installed hardwood flooring is an investment for life. It is an investment that always pays dividends, in good times and in bad. Your home becomes more valuable! Your property becomes more exclusive.

You want to experiment with colours?

How do you create a stylish, warm and natural atmosphere in your home? Using Ligneo hardwood floors, of course. A wide range of colours are possible. Have your hardwood floor fit in with the colours of your interior. The walls and the furniture are clear, but the lighting conditions and the reflections on the walls are also important. Together, we look at your interior to harmonize the colour of your hardwood floor with your existing choices to create a stylish effect.

You will be surprised to see how a Ligneo hardwood floor in the right tint accentuates and adds to the essence of your room.

Would you like a sample of perfection?

Call or mail us to make an appointment. We will be happy to show you some samples.

What is more beautiful than nature itself?

Our experience is our craft. And vice versa. That is how we learned to accentuate the beauty of nature itself in the wood. With respect for the existing lines and contours in the oak. We help the natural look of the slow growing oak find its way into your unique parquet floor. You will never get tired of your Ligneo floor. Even better, the beauty grows as the years pass.

Pure oak.

Because of our unique finishing concept we work mainly with oak. Discover multiple advantages of our concept at 'the Ligneo-concept'.
The slow growing oak has unique lines and veins. We respect this. The result: strong wood! Pure, natural class. With the right combinations of pattern, colour and finish, we give the hardwood floors a personal flair to fit your style.

Ligneo wooden flooring is equally great in a classic, rustic and modern setting. In a mansion in the city or in a modern villa or loft. Be seduced by the exclusive character of Ligneo, Living floors.