Parquet finishing


Polished parquet

Ligneo also provides smoked parquet, polished parquet or limed parquet.

Aged wood flooring

First of all, ‘new’ oak comes from oaks that are many decades old. This means that the wood, selected according to strict quality standards, naturally has its own whimsical character. Ancient, naturally grown patterns of veins and lines decorate the wood.

Aging the new wood involves applying ‘traces of use’, entirely ‘at random’, as if the hardwood floor has actually been used in the residence, the castle or the historical building for many years. The result is a very special product with an exclusive finish.

Upstairs. One line. One look.

What if you chose the parquet of your dreams? This is only the start. You can have skirting boards, stairs and even furniture manufactured in exactly the same patina as your floor for the finishing touch of your entire interior. Everything beautifully in line with your personal taste.

Do you feel the enthusiasm building? We have even more good news! Installation with Ligneo is not nearly as difficult as it used to be. All our wooden floors are pre-manufactured and fully finished in the workshop. Good idea, don’t you agree?

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